IMG will participate in HRI’23 this March!

First, Kate Candon, PhD student at Yale, will be presenting “Verbally Soliciting Human Feedback in Continuous Human-Robot Collaboration: Effects of the Framing and Timing of Reminders”. Second, Qiping Zhang, PhD student at Yale, will be presenting “Self-Annotation Methods for Aligning Implicit and Explicit Human Feedback in Human-Robot Interaction”. Third, Jake Brawer, who recently defended his PhD thesis at Yale, will be presenting “Interactive Policy Shaping for Human-Robot Collaboration with Transparent Matrix Overlays”. This last paper is a collaboration with the Social Robotics Lab at Yale and was nominated to the best paper award this year!

In addition, Qiping and Nathan Tsoi will be presenting a demo of SEAN with Virtual Reality capabilities.

Finally, Sasha Lew will be presenting “Replaying User Viewpoints to Analyze In-the-Wild Robot Failures” at the workshop entitled The Imperfectly Relatable Robot: An interdisciplinary workshop on the role of failure in HRI. Marynel Vázquez will also be presenting at the 2nd Workshop on Human-Interactive Robot Learning (HIRL).

Congratulations to all the authors and thanks to the National Science Foundation, Amazon and Google for supporting this work.