Welcome to the website of the Interactive Machines Group (IMG)!
IMG is an interdisciplinary research group led by Marynel Vázquez in Yale's Computer Science Department.

Shutter, our robot photographer, being deployed in Becton.
Furhat tries to balance participation in group interaction (project in collaboration with S. Gillet, M. T. Parreira and Iolanda Leite at KTH).
Our Social Environment for Autonomous Navigation (SEAN). See sean.interactive-machines.com for more details
June 2020 group picture (captured in 4 different time zones!)
Fall 2019 group picture. The lab keeps growing!
Cozmos in new study about motivating prosocial human behavior (to appear at HRI'20).
Testing Shutter in the lab.
Kuri being tested in the lab for a new NSF NRI project!
Robots and computers for CPSC-459/559 Building Interactive Machines.
First big qualitative analysis of human-robot interaction data in the lab.
Summer 2019 group picture - blurry but taken by a robot that tried to make us smile!

Our group studies fundamental problems at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction and Robotics. In particular, our current research agenda is focused on enabling situated social interactions between robots and multiple people. We spend our day-to-day building novel computational tools, prototyping interactive systems, and running user experiments to both better understand interactions with technology and validate our methods. More information about current research directions can be found in the research page.


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Lab Location

Yale University, AKW 400
51 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT 06511