Kate Candon, PhD student at Yale, presented the paper entitled “Nonverbal Human Signals Can Help Autonomous Agents Infer Human Preferences for Their Behavior” at AAMAS’23. Furthermore, Sydney Thompson, PhD student at Yale as well, presented a workshop paper at AAMAS, which was entitled “Do People Intend to Interact With a Public Robot? A Comparison of Intent Prediction Methods on the ATC Trajectory Dataset”.

During the same week of AAMAS, ICRA was happening in London as well. At ICRA, Marynel Vázquez presented work by IMG members at two workshops: Towards a Balanced Cyberphysical Society: A Focus on Group Social Dynamics, and Robot Teammates in Dynamic Unstructured Environments.

Thanks to the NSF, Google and Amazon for funding the work that was presented by IMG members at AAMAS and ICRA.